Stuff I was up to before this ~quarter.
My latest adventure was founding a security startup and taking it through YC S22 as CTO.
I've stepped away to build other things now, but am grateful for this incredible experience.
I worked as an engineer on the Libra project on what I hope to be the future of payments.
I was lucky to work with a world-class team and learn a ton - especially about security and applied cryptography.
One of my favorite open-source communities is OpenMined; they make differential privacy tools for deep learning.
I enjoyed contributing to this group while in college.
I generally use this site to learn new tools and have fun. It will probably always be weird.
Before the recent redesign, it was even uglier - but also had more fun features. (Pending updates that may even this out). Feel free to check out the old version linked above.
I sometimes make dumb videos. I generally keep them unlisted on YouTube. But here is one from ~2018, only recently made public. You're welcome.
I studied CS at BYU. I minored in Math and Stats, paying homage to my initial intent to study Math and/or Actuarial Science.
Increasingly each year, I spent more time on side projects and "offboarding from the LDS tradition" and less time on classes.